Ving – En resa mot CQRS (Anders Ljusberg)

Anders works as systems architect a Ving and has been there since 2005.!/CodingInsomnia

The talk, in blog format:

Anders talked about a ’brown field’ and how they implemented CQRS in it. They needed real time integration to other systems and a log for revision.

Write is done using Command. Read is done using Queries (C & Q). They used DDD, event sourcing and a documentDB.

They had to rethink the creations of objects, and had to create the objects keys in GUI. They used GUIDs, but then also needed a translation table because of the existing data/base. (Today he would have changed tha database instead to use Guids, would have been easier/nicer)

This is because changes are not saved directly on database, this is done thru Event/Handler so that the objects are always in synch.

They used Jonathan Olivers EventStore,

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